Books BY Freemasons
NOT about Freemasonry but works worthy of your consideration - written by Brothers!
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 MMC Logo Title Author Pub Year ISBN Format Cover Price Rating  
Quips, Squibs and Some Curiosities Leon Zeldis 2008 1934935034 Paperback $24.95 10 Details
Settling The Maine Wilderness Walter Macdougall 2006 0-939561-35-2 Paperback $15.00 10 Details
Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution Mark Puls 2008 978-1403984272 Hardcover $26.95 9 Details
Ishmael's Wrath Steven Shane Pate II 2007 0805989757 Paperback $18.00 9 Details
The Inner West (New Consciousness Reader) Jay Kinney 1585423394 Paperback $14.95 Details
Journeying in MacDougall Country Walter Macdougall 2008 978-0615177892 Paperback $24.95 Details
A Knight in Africa J. K. Chande; Benjamin Mkapa 2005 1894131894 Hardcover $29.95 Details
Land of Four Seas Leon Zeldis 2004 978-0972954563 Paperback $18.00 Details
The Testimony of the Evangelists: The Gospels Examined by the Rules of Evidence Simon Greenleaf 1995 0825427479 Paperback $10.99 Details
Through Blood & Fire: Selected Civil War Papers of Major General Joshua Chamberlain Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain; Mark Nesbitt 1996 978-0811717502 Hardcover $19.95 Details
Uriel's Machine: Uncovering the Secrets of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood and the Dawn of Civilization Christopher Knight; Robert Lomas 2001 193141274X Paperback $18.95 Details
Who Built the Moon Christopher Knight; Alan Butler 2005 1842931636 Paperback $14.95 Details

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