Let's face it, nearly all of us enjoy finding out more about this subject. Here are some great books on the topic.
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 MMC Logo Title Author Pub Year ISBN Format Cover Price Rating  
The Rosslyn Hoax? Robert L.D. Cooper 2007 0853182817 Paperback $16.16 10 Details
The Templar Code For Dummies (For Dummies series) Christopher Hodapp; Alice Von Kannon 2007 0470127651 Paperback $19.99 10 Details
The Murdered Magicians: The Templars and Their Myth Peter Partner 1982 0850305349 Paperback $9.94 10 Details
God's Soldiers - Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry Dudley Wright 2006 1887560718 Paperback $14.95 9 Details
Knights & Freemasons - The Birth of Modern Freemasonry Albert Mackey & Albert Pike; Michael R. Poll, Editor 2005 1887560661 Paperback $16.95 8 Details
Dungeon, Fire and Sword John J. Robinson 1992 0871316579 Hardcover $29.95 7 Details
Templar Gold: Discovering the Ark of the Covenant Patrick Byrne 2001 1577330994 Paperback $24.95 2 Details
Castles & Ancient Monuments of Scotland Damien Noonan 2000 1566491886 Paperback $22.95 Details
Cathedral David Macaulay 1981 0395316685 Paperback $8.95 Details
Compasses and the Cross Stephen Dafoe 2008 978-0853182986 Perfect Paperback $23.95 Details
God's War: A New History of the Crusades Christopher Tyerman 2008 0674030702 Paperback $22.95 Details
The Knight in History Frances Gies 1987 0060914130 Paperback $14.95 Details
The Knights Templar: The History and Myths of the Legendary Military Order Sean Martin 2004 978-1560256458 Paperback $13.95 Details
The Last Templar: The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay, Last Grand Master of the Temple Alain Demurger 2005 978-1861975539 Paperback $18.00 Details
Life in a Medieval City Joseph Gies; Frances Gies 1981 0060908807 Paperback $13.99 Details
The Quest for the Holy Grail Kit: An Interactive Exploration of the Grail Lights Eric Schmitz 2007 1592332323 Paperback $26.95 Details
Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail Tim Wallace-Murphy 2003 0007133073 Paperback $22.94 Details
The Secret History of Freemasonry: Its Origins and Connection to the Knights Templar Paul Naudon 2005 9781594770289 Paperback $16.95 Details
The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant Graham Phillips 2004 1591430399 Paperback $16.00 Details
The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus Christopher Knight; Robert Lomas 2001 1931412758 Paperback $18.95 Details
The Knights Templar Helen Nicholson 2004 0750938390 Paperback $24.95 Details
The Knights Templar Chronology: Tracking History's Most Intriguing Monks George Smart 2005 1418498890 Paperback $13.95 Details
The Knights Templar Revealed Dafoe 2006 9780760781784 Hardcover, pp. 240 Details
The Lost Colony of the Templars Steven Sora 2004 1594770190 Paperback $16.95 Details
The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar Steven Sora 1999 0892817100 Paperback $16.95 Details
Turning the Templar Key: The Secret Legacy of the Knights Templar and the Origins of Freemasonry Robert Lomas 2007 978-1592332793 Hardcover $27.95 Details

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