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MMC LogoThe Maine Masonic College is an initiative of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine - the fraternity of Freemasons. Our goal is to create educational opportunities for members in our jurisdiction and for friends and neighbors in the communities where we live and work.

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February 6


Synopsis: The primary goal of this course is to examine the freemasonry organization in the period of time before it became a public organization in the early 1700s. It is a time lost in myths and legends. The course will exam the four primary documents, such as the Hallwell Regius poem, Old Charges, etc., which purport to contain the clues to the early organizationís history and to show how the early formation of belief systems and organizational structure occurred. By drawing ideas from these documents, it will be shown how a system of analogies and metaphors came to be developed to encapsulate and demonstrate the core ideas and beliefs of the organization. And a point of discussion will be why, this happened. Some of the more specific topics covered in the course will be what the role of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar played; the feud with first the Catholic Church and then some later Protestant denominations; the probable need for those early years of secrecy; the social/political roles the organization has played over time, such as during the American Revolution; and the current confederated form of it as a worldwide organization. WHERE: ARUNDEL LODGE, KENNEBUNKPORT 9AM-12PM 19th District

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Please note that in some cases, two courses may be offered in different locations on the same day.

Special Shorter Programs: The Maine Masonic College also provides shorter programs of high interest and use to the Craft. These presentation are especially well suited for lodge and district settings. Topics include The Amazing Fellowcraft Degree, Harmony of the Seasons, Cosmology and Our Ritual, The Letter G, Masonry and the American Revolution.  Contact R. W. Donald McDougal, Chairman of this service to the Craft. His phone number is 938-2290, and his email address is mcdoug@tdstelme.net.

The Maine Masonic College is governed by a Board of Regents which operates under the authority of The Grand Lodge of Maine, AF & AM, an institution chartered by the Maine State Legislature.

Policy on Notification
Please Note: The Maine Masonic College does not require participants to register in order to attend its programs and classes. However, if you wish to partake of meals or if you wish to be notified of any postponement or changes in times and/or locations, you should register with the College's secretary, Theresa Hatch at the Grand Lodge of Maine: 843-1086.

The College Briefly...

Our name inspires us to a 'higher educational calling'. We are not a bricks and mortar school but a 'Temple of Knowledge', offering learning opportunities in various modalities.

We believe that Freemasonry is relevant in society today, helping to create a continuum of knowledge for those who are interested in personal enrichment.

Masonic ritual exhorts us to broaden our knowledge of the seven liberal arts and sciences. Thus, our programs include topics of interest to anyone with an inquisitive mind: ethics, astronomy, logic, public speaking and more. We have molded the Maine Masonic College on the best features of not only traditional and modern Masonic-oriented education but also 'senior college' and lifelong learning endeavors.

At the Maine Masonic College, we encourage your input, your recommendations, and - most of all - your INVOLVEMENT!

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